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The oceans and beaches

Now that we know there will be content in the waters of the Ashes world, I am curious about something. Will there be high and low tides? Will the beaches actually have an active surf? I think tides would be a really interesting mechanic because points of interest might only be visible during low tide... or maybe you could only get onto a small land mass when the tide was high enough to swim to it...


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    now THAT will be immersive.
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    It would be nice but could be a problem.
    It means ships z-axes will have to rise and fall with sea-level, so they have to snap to surface.
    If seas are massive, you have a massive active cell that's constantly changing with every ship sitting on it effected.
    That means physics will have to be applied to every ship at every tick to map and reposition them.

    I cant say I have tried such a thing, but I would expect the physics calculation load of such a massive area with so many dependant assets might actually cripple the server.
    Its along the same lines as tacking and wind direction that was answered in one of the Q&As.
    They would have to shorthand real physics instead and try to mimic a similar action.
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    Its a bit like the cloak animations. They look like they are fluttering in the wind. In reality they are prebaked animations that change with movement speed.
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    Ok... At least give me some real surf crashing on the beach.... make me use a long fishing pole to cast out to catch my seabass...
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    edited July 2017
    You mean something like this.


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    You mean something like this.

    That's awesome (fixed the URL for you). Looks like those waves just have minimal push physics behind them, so yeah they should be pretty easy on the GPU and server.

    As for tides, the sea can be subtly "sloped" near the shore. This is pretty similar to what happens with tides IRL, I think. This would be easy to conceal behind breaking surf like this and would manifest as a tidal effect pushing boats to the shore. There wouldn't need to be massive physics to make this happen. 

    Tides and waves! It's the small stuff that gets me hyped :lol:
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