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Machinima tools

One aspect of a successful game that seems popular nowadays is machinima, and while working on it might not be for everyone, the videos often end up as meaningful as positive community contribution and engagement.

To that end, I'd like to hear any statement from the devs about whether any types of scene or recording tools have been considered. Examples include ability to customize depth of field, some use of free-form camera (generally while out of combat), graphics options for various display of in-game information, and ability to use skills without target present***.

*** I asked in the design subsection but didn't receive much feedback: will tab-target skills that require targets still be able to be cast (maybe with shift key) to some effect without any target? It's an important consideration, whether for machinima, roleplay, or general immersion, as having unsightly "no target found" text or the like can be pretty frustrating when trying to conduct a scene.

(I understand it's a matter of preventing skill misfire in pvp/boss fights, but something like shift + skill to free fire overcomes this issue).

Many thanks in advance.
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