Market Place

I like the idea that the stalls might display on the table items representative of the predominant items for sale.
It was touched on in twitch about methods of identifying who runs a stall.

This works on that idea with just a thought to bring a market to life in a dynamic way :

a) Guild/Clan Banner
If a clan's banner/name could be hung when owned, lit when active and not lit when inactive as an idea.

b) Open / Closed
Should a town have several stalls/markets open by individual guilds, then perhaps a guild activity/size could increase the dynamic to the stalls. Ideas as follows:

a) If a Guild has 15% or more members online and active then the stall is open (no afk counted)
b) If a Guild has 1%-14% of members online and active then only 50% of their items are displayed in the stall
c) If a Guild has no players online then the stall is closed.

This might bring an element of cycles and activity to the stalls, offer opportunity to have more stalls in the same area but not be in direct continuous competition to each other.
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