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How about including an in-game chronicle, that will capture the most important, pivotal events in every server's evolution?

It could record videos (automatically or by a GM), make screenshots, etc. of major sieges or legendary monster kills, rulers and tyrants ascending thrones and being murdered, epic new crafted items first seeing the light of day, etc.

It would all be done as a sort of an in-game book, presenting important chapters in your server's story so far. There would be a timeline with key dates and events and a more detailed section with descriptions and epic short stories. In the end, you would have something like the Appendices in the Lord of the Rings, all with screenshots and short videos, as written down by AoC's historians, for future generations.

It would also be nice for new players to be able to leaf through the chronicle, learn about the history of that particular server (and all that with veterans' running commentary in the Lore channel, of course - "Back in my day..."), which in turn would bring them closer and more invested in local matters and create a sense of belonging to the server and its world.


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