Package Ordeal

If I have a Lifetime Subscription .... and if an Expansion comes out, would i still have to pay for that ? or will that automatically added ?

Worse-case scenario, if the MMO's Payment Method changes

( fairly hoping it doesn't )

but if I have a LIfetime Subscription ... would it just be "added" ?

I asked these questions, because I could settle with the Pioneer or Founder Package and still be just as happy with it. Needless to say, I don't mind "Backing" with the Braver of Worlds, but I was just curious


  • So, I cannot find an official confirmation, but everytime someone has asked about expansion cost on discord in the channel #ask_intrepid someone answered, that as far as we know expansions will be free.
    Maybe someone else has an official quote?
  • I agree with @Nurph said Theirs no box Cost so I assume the expansions will be free
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  • I believe they said in a livestream, they will not have expansions.
    They'll have large content updates, but they won't be like WoW expansions where you have to pay $50-70 for new content.
    The only thing you would pay for if you have a lifetime sub would be if you wanted something out of the cash shop. :)
  • @bazgrim that sounds about right :P ^
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