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Too much stuff!

Apologies if this is a duplicate post - first one got ate.

(Nope, never heard of George Carlin)

Ok, now we're just getting too much stuff! With each kick starter goal, they just keep giving us more stuff. We're getting skins, armor, horse, turtles (TURTLES!?), weapons (could happen), and I don't know what all kind of stuff. Where am I going to keep all that stuff? I'm going to end up needing stuff to store my stuff in and then more stuff to store that stuff in until there's no more room for stuff! The houses will be filled with stuff, the cities will be filled with stuff, the nodes will be covered in stuff! There won't be room for the game because all of the stuff. Stop the insanity! Enough with the stuff! Just say No to more stuff!

If you're as over whelmed as I am by all the stuff we're getting, out of the goodness of my heart (because I'm all about others) I'm offering my services to store all your stuff. Once the game starts, just send all your stuff to me. You'll never have to worry about your stuff again. This is a free service.
(Taxes and fees may apply. Side effects may include poverty, poor game play, destitution, getting beat up by others, and death. Do not consult with anyone if you have concerns).
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