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Ranked arena PVP Questions and Speculation

Hello all :D first time posting on the forums!
Instanced cross server arena pvp has been confirmed and that leaves me with a couple of questions:

Has there been an arena ranking or elo system confirmed?
These days online games are becoming sport and the moment this game is launched people (like me) are going to be building spreadsheets, comparing classes, min/maxing, and forming a meta. Something that really drives me as a player is the satisfaction of seeing my personal skill improve over time and that improvement being reflected in my rank. The better you get, the better the opponents you face become--the harder the match the more satisfying the victory.

Should there be separate arena matchmaking for casual vs competitive players?
I personally believe a separate queue would be best for the casual player's experience (a queue just for fun with no penalty for losing), but on the other hand I could understand arenas being inherently competitive (For instance, casual players might place bronze and either stay there or get gud). I'm really curious what the community's thoughts on this are.

Could there be access to the leaderboard in-game?
I mean a list of the best players or teams from rank 1 going down. I realize a lot of games post their leaderboards on their website, but I personally think it'd be cool to view in client, maybe having a sign or scroll or even NPC in every town that when interacted with displays the best of the best either regionally or internationally.


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    sorry for the reposts of the same thing, I posted this back when forums were eating posts
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    I had this same idea! I think it would be an awesome characteristic of the overall PvP. Call ELO reputation instead, just to help fit the lore of the world. The arena could be for instant match ups either ranked or casual. Also, maybe have an option where players can consent to a duel in the open world which would have no effect on your level of corruption. It would give players the choice to freely PvP without having to travel to the arena or receive the consequences of corruption. Have the mechanic so that if youre dueling someone of similar reputation in the open world you have the option for a ranked match aswell as casual. Reward players with character titles based on reputation or winstreaks. 

    Edit: I also would like to add the idea of having ingame events like tournaments to help promote an elo based PvP system. Maybe with unique rewards/perks or honorable mentions from NPCs. 

    I really do like this idea and hope the Devs have similar plans or maybe consider this as a possibility. I think it adds a new level of immersiveness which I havent seen much of in MMORPGs, like being known as the current best duelist or the champion of a tournament. Or being part of a renowned fighting guild. It would make a players/guilds much more desirable to interact with or try to recruit.
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