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Crafters' Guild/Consortium? [US]

Hey folks. So as I was wandering through the Forums, I noticed that there aren't any Crafter exclusive or oriented guilds being formed, and as someone who's a casual and a crafter I was wondering if there'd be interest in, upon release, forming a Crafters' Guild. Keep in mind, we'd obviously have to hunt resources and such, but I figured having a guild focused towards crafting rather than PvPing or PvEing might be good for people who aren't so keen on the constant fighting. Keep in mind, obviously, we have no game on which to build, so this forum should be treated as a question towards the community rather than a "Join us today for epic rewards and amazing adventures!" And if there is interest, would it be something other guilds would like to fund? I say fund as in bringing resources for discounts on weaponry or charters for mass arms. If this is unrealistic, just lemme know, I haven't heard anything about the crafting system yet, so I could be barking up the wrong tree. Anyway, if you're interested or have info on the crafting system, just post it here!


  • I do really like the idea of eventually having basicly a "insane inventor" town, with a huge crafted items market XD.
    And seeing how they said fighting is only a small impact in the world, crafting is probably pretty important.
    In GW2 the first ever Max level character was from a crafting guild, so it's probably pretty useful :3
  • Nice to see that someone else has interest in this! And if you haven't already, I would recommend looking at the Multi-Guild city forum post! I'd like to try and be a part of that, I figure there'll be a need for Crafters for any new city.
  • I am totally interested in joining this guild / pact / faction of sorts. Maybe we can call it the Crafter's Corner. Or maybe the Merchant's Guild.
  • Cool! Currently, I really don't have a plan for the guild (Due to the fact that Intrepid has been fairly quiet about the subject) But I'll make sure to keep this forum updated as we find out! Some of the names I've been debating are Children of Fyre [Olde English spelling] The Forged, or maybe the Legion of Stone and Iron. But I'm always happy for more suggestions!
  • Forged in Fire/Fyre?
  • Maybe "Forged through Fyre?" I don't know. Not like it's a big deal, hopefully some more interest will generate before the game drops.
  • So it's been a while since anyone posted here, but I figured this may help the post out some. ((DISCLAIMER. I did not make this video, I have no rights to it, and I got permission from the creator to post it here. Thanks!))

  • Greetings!

    I'd be super excited to join you in this "crafting's guild"! If you have any other idea's I would be happy to hear them. Drop me a message if this actually gets a thing. Would be so exciting to put effort in to craftsmanship, and in the meantime enjoy my time in the game with others. Hope you reach back to me!

  • So it's been a pretty long time since I posted anything, as I've been waiting for anything new about crafting.
    Since nothing as of yet has come, I'd like to still gauge interest in this idea. With a few expansions. I didn't buy any of the starter packs, as I am pretty much broke.. But I'd like to still have at least a single-node guild, even if it's only four or five players in it. But I'd also like to bring up the idea of having taverns that are run by us to advertise our goods and recruit guards or new crafters.

    Hopefully there's still some interest left in this idea! Let me know if you're interested in discussing this with me!
  • I'm just starting to learn about this game and enjoy crafting.
  • I really like this idea. Would be nice to get a guild name and website going. I'd be willing to work on a website but have no interest in leading a guild. I currently play archeag e but found this game today. Sounds exciting. Never been on discord so have no clue about that. So I'll keep an eye out here to see if interest picks up. 
  • Oh I forgot to mention that on any mmo I've ever played crafting is my main focus. I quest only as much as needed to get what I need to craft. I leave PvP to those that enjoy it. My gear is normally cosmetic anyways. Correctional the main focus. I will Lso spend a large amount of time on housing and any items that go in them. EQ2 decorating is my all time favorite. 😇

  • Good idea. Having a place to check in, communicate, and get to know the members is important before the game goes live. Keep me posted.
  • I think your opinion of crafting oriented guilds is indeed lacking, and as such i have created one not to long ago with a primary focus on crafting and trade (though a tiny bit of everything. pvp for caravan reasons and defense) The name of my guild is Fabrica Fates (literally translating into "Crafted fates") if none of you have found a guld you would like to join, or would like to form a alliance, or even just talk about what we could do message me. There are so many possibilities both here on the forums and for in game.
  • Crafting guild? Yes, please!
  • I've always enjoyed crafting in mmo's so id like to join ;D
  • I'm also a devoted crafter and love a crafting system that is relevant and rewarding as it sounds AoC crafting will be. I'm also hardcore in exploration and discovery, PvE, and PvP but I would join a crafting focused guild even if I had to group with others for the other parts of the MMO experience.
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