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I never thought I'd be filled with hope over another MMO.

Hey, all. I had a pretty sour experience with the collapse of another pre-release MMO, Revival (and a hello to any other Founders from a year ago). In a nutshell, the development issues that ended up destroying Revival made me skeptical that any small company could make the game I've wanted since my first MMO 17 years ago.

So, for almost a year, I settled for lower expectations. I still poked around the web, seeing which games were approaching alphas and betas, as I've wanted to be in on the ground floor for a long, long time, but there was always something that didn't seem right. Then I stumbled upon Ashes of Creation.

I still have questions, naturally, but I know I'll get answers soon enough. So I've spent my afternoon scouring the topics for news, watching each of the videos Intrepid has made, and I really like what I'm seeing. That goes for the community, too - you lot seem like an intelligent group. I think I've found my next digital home.


  • welcome A_Clever_Lettuce !

    yeah the mmorpg genre isnt the best atm :( hopefully that will turn around soon :)

    if you wanted to get up to date with what we know so far there is some helpful links <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>

    and feel free to drop in on the Official Ashes of Creation discord @
  • Thanks for the info!
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    Seeing as you don't have a profile pic, do you want me to make on (fair warning we are talking the quali above) :)
  • Welcome, let hope this game will be a succes. It's true that a lot of games, especially MMO's have had their downfalls.
  • I think lots of other pp here have had their hearts broken by mmo devs/publishers as well = /

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  • That having been said, this game has already shown more promise than the MMO I had my heart set on until last March. I'm ridiculously excited.

    @Julemanden Ha, thanks! I have an idea for what I'll do about my profile picture, but I appreciate the offer. :)
  • Heres a placeholder until you get around to it @A_Clever_Lettuce ;) :
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