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Hello from Scotland

Aright folks o/

I'm a slightly older MMO player and have been playing MMO's for about 18 years now... non-MMO's for about 20 years. My interests are in economics and politics and have ran several successful guilds and clans across multiple games (sometimes at the same time.... its good to keep busy xD)... everything from PvP/PK murder guilds to strictly PvE fluffy bunny loving RP guilds. I hope to bring all my knowledge of all aspects of the gaming community to the guild/alliance/node i'll be joining... would be fun to build a node and work within that too... but i wont get ahead of myself yet :P

Since @JcTruper keeps asking these questions, i think i'll answer xD

<em>How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?</em> : i was surfing the net, as you do, and came accross an article about upcoming MMO's, i took a look and toasted my beer for finally seeing an MMO that looks like i might actually be able to play the way i want.

<em>What other mmos have you played?</em> Most of them? for varying amounts of time... the longest would be (in no real order) EQ, EVE, GW, GW2, TOR, BDO, AION, STO and NEVERWINTER. If there's an MMO, i've at least tried it out till i got bored (WoW took 2 months till i did everything and got tired of the repetition... was after the first expansion, haven't played it since)

<em>What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?</em> A way for Economic focused players like me to play while focusing entirely on trade and economics. While it is fun to go on raids, hunt boss', craft and have some guild shenanigans, i like being able to sit in a town and manage trade and distribution. kinda what i loved about Eve, being able to take the resources from miners, find a processor to work it and have people make the ships. Having a list of contacts in various fields and being able to get what people need, or have things made without being able to do it yourself is the core of economic play... the only game that comes close is Eve.

I've already donated to the kick starter for an alpha key (no way was i settling for beta when alphas available :P). Been a while since i was able to take part in alpha testing (usually either arrived too late or they only made beta available to random public) So looking forward to doing some testing... and maybe ranting at the dev's for doing something stupid, that's always fun xD

Anyway, i'll be with the Destiny Reforged guild when the game starts. I wont mind helping other people/guilds when things get up and running, just give me a shout, i'm usually down for anything and am always happy to lend a helping hand. Haven't totally decided which character name i'll go with, so just pm me here (when its available) or on discord (im on the AoC discord as 'Sollera') if you want to talk.

Have fun, peace out and good luck ^^


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