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I've Been Curious

Hey all, I have a question and even though I didn't want to make a new topic for it, I couldn't remember/find the topic post where I wanted to ask this: Q: If a guild or people are defending an area from a node beast(dragon for example) and another group ambushes them to weaken their node or just take advantage of the situation, does that cause the attacking players to turn red or is there an exception? Example: Guild A must protect town from Node Dragon, Guild B uses this as a chance to weaken guild A and town. Guild B sets up an ambush and attacks guild A during the node event. Revised Q: Does the node event prevent guild B from become red or not? Follow up Q: If we do turn red, would we just have to play smart and use the beast to finish them off?


  • hmm, good questions

    But lets see what we know so far

    Nodes can't be attacked instantly, there will be a preparation time for the attackers and defender
    If you Attack other player while they don't fight you back, means you attack non-combatants wich gives you corruption

    So...the question really is, if a player attacks a non-combatant player, but the non-combatant players gets killed by an NPC, does the Attacking player get corruption?

    In my Opinion, yes the attacker should get corruption
  • <blockquote>
    So…the question really is, if a player attacks a non-combatant player, but the non-combatant players gets killed by an NPC, does the Attacking player get corruption?

    That indeed is the question.

    Another question, if player is tagged as combatant fighting, but dies to NPC in the middle of PvP fight, does he lose full resources or 1/2 resources. (My guess would be full since NPC killed him).

    Unless, being tagged as combatant makes you lose 1/2 resources even when killed by NPCs? (an incentive for people to grind PvE mobs while being tagged)
  • @Enrif <del datetime="2017-05-28T20:21:33+00:00">Though you did kind of answer my follow up question, my original question still stands, and I do agree with you, in most situations, causing dmg to a player and letting an npc kill them off should still cause a punishment, but that is a topic for another day.

    I guess I should have left the wording as it was originaly, so as to not confuse people.</del>

    Question has been remade
  • q1: You can do that, meaningfull conflict ;)
  • @Fleelix <del datetime="2017-05-28T20:26:53+00:00">I understand that you CAN do that, but that still isn't mely question. lol</del>

    Question has been remade
  • Without any other circumstances in play(since you didn't include declared wars, etc...), I can't see why the normal rules don't just stay normal. You kill a "NonCombatant", you turn red(gain corruption). If they are flagged "Combatant" and who wouldn't be while fighting a dragon?, well they are showing as acceptable PVP targets.

    helping an NPC kill a character by wounding the character that is fighting the NPC? Not really addressed by the Devs yet, so far as I know.
  • @Bringslight Thank you, that helps.
  • Keep in mind that is speculation. I am sure that I don't know all the ins and outs of the final game. :)
  • If you are in a guild war I guess it'll depend on how that system will work in the open world. I guess you'll be fair game under that system. Maybe not participate in guild wars when an event is about to happen?

    If you mean that the guild declares on the node while it's having an event? That's not possible. You can't declare on nodes that are having an event, this has been answered in the twitch q&a's. There's also a declaration timer before any sieges happen.
  • @Bringslight Yeah mate, I understand. I dont actually take anything said here to seriously, things might change and information given might be come wrong. I just wanted to know what everyones thoughts were on the subject, but you seem to be the only one who understands what I'm asking. lol
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