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Known Bugs

<del datetime="2016-12-05T17:50:53+00:00"><strong>Website:</strong>
-When clicking a developer's profile under a blog post, takes you to a lorem ipsem page. see
-Clicking instagram at bottom of page goes to instagram's main website(JM)
-When going to Profile -> Edit My Profile -> Generate New Password then trying to change the password then update, it will not update the password properly. (smurfinhell)
-Initial account password setup shows password by default instead of starred out, if in public or office setting.
(Not currently available for download)
Registration links need graphical updates</del>

Current known issue thread: <a href="">Click</a>


  • Unable to edit own posts after so many edits.
  • Website
    <del datetime="2016-12-04T04:07:15+00:00">-Can only edit forum posts so many times before being locked out</del>
    -Cant delete forum posts
  • Is this the appropriate thread in which to point out typos and such?
  • Website (forums)
    The "title bar" (section of post with author name and info) does not extend to the entire width of the post if the post is short.
    If you look at Tronus' post about tank skills you will see many various widths since that post has lots of replies.

    I'm using Chrome version 54 if that matters.

    Edit: look at the title bar on my post compared to Sol's above me for a quick example.
  • Website (forums/profile)
    Given I'm on any part of the forums, I hover over my name in the menu bar (LOHRE), and click profile.
    What should happen: goes to my profile.
    What does happen: goes to Karikei's profile.

    On any other part of the site, when I try this it going to my profile like it should. Work around is to go to my profile from the forums (shows Karikei's) then do the same thing again. Since I'm not on the forums part of the website when I try the second time, I am successfully taken to my profile.

    More details on this bug:
    In general, what section of the forums I'm in also affects this bug. For example, here are the sections of the forums I try to access my profile from and what profile I actually see (might have something to do with post authors in that forum section?)
    Forum Section I try to access my profile ====> Profile I see
    Announcements ====> JuliusMagni
    AoC Discussion ====> Proj299ria
    Design Discussion ====> Nlytnd
    Dev Journal Reactions ====> Lohre
    Guild Recruitment ====> BornInHell
    Lore ====> Lohre
    Private ====> Lohre
    Systems and Mechanics ====> Kurgan
    The Newly Arrived ====> Karikei
  • Thank you Lohre, will look into this immediately
  • Edited my Forum post tags and my original post disappeared altogether. When i try to recreate post, it says its a duplicate and wont allow me to re post it.
  • The moderators know about this issue. I was having an issue with this a few days ago and contacted them.

  • IIRC, they're actually going to be updating this website within a few weeks. I believe this forum/website was put up in order to give people a place to be; for a while, it was adequate. Now, with the KS and all the interest garnered from that, it's become inadequate.
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