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From Ashes [NA] [PvX] Age 17+ Looking for committed Players

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edited June 2017 in North American Guilds
From Ashes Server Region: NA Guild Focus: PvX (We are going to do a bit of everything !!) Play style: Semi-Hardcore Who we are? Just a group of friends looking for a good time, and we are long time veterans of the "MMORPG" genre ! This may look thrown together, but we will be more organized in the future! Lots of things are in the works right now for us a emblem is being made by a artist and good friend of mine, our goal for now is to find people who can bring something to the table help with the setup. We don't want to have everything planed out we want your input, lets strive to be the best we can be and rebirth From Ashes. Looking forward to seeing you all :) and meeting new people. Will give the discord to those interested.
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