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I am not going to go into the details of my pc or console gaming history. Been around the gaming world since Atari. So there you go; still going strong and not as old as you may think. Not a Vampire.

Been looking for an exceptional MMORPG since the days of EQ or WoW. Played many MMO's over the years ; PvE and PvP. In addition to one player as well as co-op games. Paper and pencil D&D. Plus more.

Looking forward to this MMo as well as to some others in the works. Keeping a close ear to this one.

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  • Welcome Traveler!!!! Glad to have ya aboard the Hype Train!!!!

    How did you hear about Ashes of Creation?
    What do you hope to see in Ashes of creation?
    Got a question just ask meh ill try my best to answer it!

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  • Thanks!

    Well, (cracks knuckles, loosening those fingers) ... :)

    1) Heard about Ashes of Creation some months back. At that time I saw the video of the Mage exploring the AoC environment and reigning down magic. I thought the graphics were beautiful. So, right there I was hooked on the Mage. I’ve played many a mage in other MMo's or at least some type of hybrid magic dealer. After doing some research again on upcoming MMo's I stumbled on to AoC again. There really has been a lull in MMo's recently or at least good ones.. or MMo's that ask you pay for beta or alpha and then never release. So, I'm really looking for a fully immersive MMo .

    2) A fully immersive world. I miss the days of dungeon crawling with a skilled group of 5 or 6. Dungeons what happened to them? Most MMo’s focus on outside xp areas than inside. Nothing wrong with outside mass grind killing; did so as a Druid and Ranger- plenty of fun. But, if you were a Necro or a Paladin, Cleric your specialty was dungeon crawling. At least if the MMO was going by some form of D&D standard.

    I miss the days of full out dungeon raids with a skillful guild of 72 like in EQ. The days of taking out a Vox like boss mob (EQ Dragon boss).

    Part of what makes a great MMo is the server community too. I 've played ArcheAge and though the game had much to offer I found that the community was lacking in honor or couth. Worse than Barrens chat in WoW and that is saying a lot! Now of course you are going to find all sorts of people in an MMo. But, I think MMo's have lost that D&D quality of honor. Perhaps it is due to the introduction of PvP. I played both PvP and PvE ; prefer PvE. My first experience with PvP was WOW ,then SWG , SWTOR and lastly ArcheAge. But, MMo's that follow a similar D&D genre should bring back the alignment grid:

    Lawful good, Neutral good, Chaotic good, Lawful Neutral, Neutral, Chaotic Neutral, Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, Chaotic Evil

    I think if you start to bring back some of that honor system back the community the community as a whole might change. I think over the years MMo's have lost the roots of the D&D philosophy. The Knight’s of the Round Table philosophy (big fan of the movie Excalibur).

    An alignment system in PVE is not a problem. But, some how bringing the Alignment system in PvP. Wow, SWG and SWTOR pvp system was pretty straight forward. As for ArcheAge the world pvp was fun but, it did reward guild ganking-hehe . It could be fun up to a certain level but, when it came to trying to accomplish a daily goal with merging groups it did sometimes became a hassle.
    The pvp siege wars by water were fun if done correctly.

    Perhaps a policing or bounty hunter system; similar to SWG.

    Now the pay to win aspect for sure needs to go. Sorry, for those that like that, I think it really kills games. You are not playing or immersing yourself in the game when you items are handed to you via a credit card . I miss the days were you had to work for your gear. It meant something when you earned your gear with time ex: fungi tunic or your epic gear (EQ). Killing a boss that dropped an insane tunic or weapon with a raid group or 5 team group.

    Also, what needs to go the pasted costumes that change the appearance of your gear. How about the way it used to be gear that already had a look from when it dropped from a boss mob or mini boss mob, etc.

    Also, gear that can be reward to soloist and duo groups. The item may not have the highest in stats or insane sticky abilities as a boss mob or mini boss mob drop that you killed with a full guild raid group or 5 team. But, it still is a nice upgrade from perhaps what you were wearing.

    Well that is some of the things I like to see return to MMo's. Also, more Macabre areas (similar to Mistmoore zone EQ). 

    Just went back to EQ and wanted to gather some information of why EQ was as special as it was. Part was community, exploration, the option to group, solo and raid in large groups. But you never forget your first MMORPG. EQ sadly went pay to win too. I started EQ back in 1999; never played Meridian 59 or Ultima online. But, I do have a list of MMO's that I've played that can wrap around the globe. I've learned a lot from all of them. But, looking for a return to the D&D roots collaborating with what made other MMo's interesting and new through the years. What each of them brought new to the forefront.

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