Lacking Concept Art

A game is developed on concept art and the media section of the website is lacking. You need to show us more while creating more, game development is dependent on it for ideas.


  • Howdy!!! So most of the concept Art and stuff you will find in the Discord ( link in signature)

    New forums will be posted soon so hopefully they can move all the stuff from the discord to the new forums more Info on forums can be found <a href="" target="_blank">HERE </a>

    Hope this helps!
  • Check out the videos. Actual art > concept art.
  • I actually agree with you but I hope when the new forums come this week more concept art will be released. I'm thinking maybe on Tuesday they will reveal the concept art of the under realm race on their twitch stream - checkout @JCTruper's sig for details ^^ I think with new race reveals they may show new concept arts for other races too. Thursday will be last stream and full of suprises so hopefully more revealing of stuff and concept arts ^^
  • Yep! @Diura Nailed it

    "Update from Intrepid studios"

    Congratulations to everyone!!!

    The team is beyond excited to begin work on the 9th Player race that was unlocked! We will be showing some concept pieces on this race, as well as reveal their name and origin story on our live stream Tuesday.

    Source <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>

    Url for AoC Live stream is in my signature!! and further info :D
  • Yes, we definitely need to see more concept art, especially the racial ones; both male and female.
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