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Red players

I'm really against the straight up dot on a red flag player. I feel like a small blanket on the map saying the names of all the reds in that area rather then a dot saying exactly where you are. I know you wanna discourage mass murder but that much of a arrow on your head seems really rough.


  • Ive seen a few other games doing it, to try and quell mass murdering, if you see a sea of red dots avoid that area. lol
  • yeah but if its like a just like red zone with the names i think its more fair then knowing exactly where someone is.
  • I actually like this idea. Maybe narrow it down to say a half mile radius or similar so that player still has a chance.
  • Perhaps make it so that near "Metropolis/large nodes" or starting areas it will immediately flag and pinpoint the player on the map as well as dispatch AI guards.

    Outside of the protective radius maybe only visual contact with the player should designate the player as hostile OR the above suggestion where the zone is highlighted.
  • I would even say as a comparison, the archeology area on the map for WoW. Something similar to this.<img src="" alt="Pvp zones on a map" />
  • Could put a toggle in the corner of the map to get rid of the zones so you can see better. (if it becomes a problem)
  • Honestly, the white/purple/red flag system is going to take some game testing. The design is to prevent griefing, which can ruin a game quickly.

    What about a system that increases the time that someone remains purple/red the more they flag? I know there was a static timer of 45 seconds or so suggested, but maybe every time a player trips over to the next color, the time is extended 10 seconds? That way you can do it a few times a day without too much recourse, but if you do it say 20 times in a day, you'll be more and more vulnerable.
  • personally id hope they would just settle for a red name, not a map marker (maybe a tacking type thing for a specific target) but in my expiriance in most mmos that arnt dead, a red name does justice by itself. bounty system makes it more interesting. broadcasting locations is just ****. it makes it pointless to even allow murder to begin with because every blue in the area will be coming down on you the second the fight starts or ends (depends on how they did it) the division did this and it made it boring because all you could do from thaat point on is run, and since this is a tab target skill doesnt really matter. just level and gear.
  • I agree on the notion that there will be guilds of blues dedicated to coming down on any reds that pop up. I think a red name should be plenty to assist in spotting problems. Though certainly if people are PvPing within a town's boundaries and in lower level areas around the town (E.G. closer to the town center) then NPC's or something should be dispatched to the spot of the last murder to prevent long term griefing of low level areas.

    Would also prevent people who just like going red for PvP to stay and camp an area. They would be forced to leave if NPC guards go to the last location / death of a friendly player within the territory.

    Though I could see that being a problem as well if it happens too often in an area.

    More than anything we need in game testing of systems to find good solutions.
  • in most games ive played if a player has been tagged with a "Red Name" most times its shouted out in chat especially in lower leveled areas.

    personally i dont like the idea of having a mark on the map, i dont want people to know where i am! muhahahaha :P
  • very true, i know in ultima thats what leveled the playing field so to speak when the blues coming to get revenge for the newbs broke off into smaller groups to comb the map it gave you a semi fair chance of taking out 1-2 of them before everyone started closing in. in wow on the other hand scouts would be all over the place looking and someone puts in gen chat when they find you and it usually took a good min or two for the rest to close in
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