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Guild war declarations

<a href="">An interesting article</a> discussing problems with guild war declarations in EVE and the negative effects they have in the game the way they are currently implemented.

A good example of an existing game where this potentially nice idea turns out to be a tool for wholesale griefing and taking over entire sections of the game.

Something to think about when preparing a similar feature in AoC.


  • Howdy!! Pretty sure that's why the added the Flagging system I'll link a video down below

    Realize its still in Pre-Alpha so the game is still being develop and not alot of information has been revealed yet!

    if guilds want to have a battle there "Might" be a system in place where they can kill each other with out being flagged, but both party's have to agree to this term!!

    Meaning if they attack another player that's not in one of the 2 or more groups that has agreed to this term They become flagged for pvp!

    Hope this helps!
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