Guild Management CMS

Will you be developing an open source guild management CMS for the game or work with open source dev's to get large guilds a way to manage content, events, banking etc...?


  • Howdy!!!! The game is still in Pre-alpha so not a lot of info has been revealed!!!
    I can't really answer this question because its still in Pre-alpha

    However I suggest you post this question <a href="" target="_blank">HERE</a>

    I hope your question will be answered by the devs on Live Stream on Tuesday 3pm PDT ( URL can be found in my signature )

    Hope this helps!
  • I too am hoping that there is some kind of data stream provided out of the game. It would be really nice if character profile information, guild achievements, etc. were pushed out.
  • I am 100% sure they wil make a system for guild banking, calander events and that sort of stuff. Otherwise it would be so dull.

    And the open source, i think i heard some stuf here and there about it. Because people wondered about guild sites and linking thier AOC with it for characters and stuff.
  • I do hope that they can make the guilds far more structured and even have in game calendars, beacons, and other useful tools for leaders and officers.
  • That would be so cool if Guilds had many useful tools. Born of Fire will take full advantage. :)

    I think in a game like AoC, There will be many Guild Tools.
  • I sincerely hope that all guild management activities will be able to be done in an immersive way within the game itself. 
  • I manage my guild by annoyingly flicking copper coins at them until they do what they're supposed to do... or stop doing what they shouldn't be doing. 

    What more do 'ya need??? 
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