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Node City NPC/Player Interactions

Okay, so i was thinking on how the towns that level up around a node get larger with the success of the node. I started thinking about how the npc's will populate the town and how much of an impact they could have on the game which led me down an interesting path.
I would love to see the npc's being a very active part of the world and the ever changing flow of the server. When a city gets larger, it would be cool to see a person or family of npc's become more influential in that city. Mayor, king, emperor, ruler whatever.
However, as the nodes and the world change, other groups will start rising to power as well. the main group in power can issue sabotage quests, like taking down a shipment that is being delivered to a potential usurper of their power, or even just straight up assassinating the npc's trying to gain power.
This works the other way around as well. Players could decide that they don't like who is in power atm and decide to help an upcoming rival take down the current power in the city. For example, the current ruler of the city is a Nikua dwarf who has a problem with Dunir dwarves so Dunir dwarves have to pay slightly higher price at shops. This would give incentive for players of that sub species to side with a new power and help them take over.
But that's also within one city. If another city nearby is starting to get prosperous, the current ruler might be getting nervous about losing territory, resources, maybe even the population moving so they start requesting players to sabotage the progress of that city. Prevent it from advancing and maybe even cause it to fall.
As well as just basic rewards for these city politics quests, money, experience, loot you can also receive influence points in regards to these specific groups and with this influence more options and benefits will open up for the player within that particular city. With enough points you could gain benefits such as free food at taverns the group you have influence in own, or cheaper goods at their stores or access to items you couldn't before. But as you are gain influence with a group, other players could be taking them down.
I feel this kind of system would really fit in with the whole every server has a different story theme the developers are going for. a family you had large influence with a month ago, now no longer exists, the individual who only owned one store in the city had you eliminate his competitors now has a chain, the little village on the horizon is now larger and more influential than the city your in.
It would be cool to not have just a static npc that is the permanent ruler of a node city as it wouldn't make sense with the constant shifting of the city size throughout the lifetime of the game.

Anyway, just a thought i had and was wondering what others would think.
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