Time to Leak Some Lore!

Hello Intrepid!

We are getting new forums soon. The Kickstarter is winding down(congrats, BTW). It really is time to start dribbling out some lore for us! Especially with great new forums very soon, it is a really good time. We can start to squabble over who is the Pope of this and who is the Primary Church of that. We could start to develop some possible fictional folktales, superstitions and some things to broaden all of your work. Maybe give YOU some inspiration for things...


  • Once upon a time there was a reindeer who wandered into a cave. There it ate some green stuff and it's antlers began to glow. It could also see the future now and what it saw scared it so it ran out of the cave and had many babies with other reindeer. The end.
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