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Nodes sound way cool. I love systems that are dynamic and at the same time self-balancing. Feels really right.

I was wondering if the progression rates would vary between the 4 node types. I was thinking that the Militaristic node would be more volatile, with faster progression but also harder to maintain, almost in a constant state of war. Where as the Divine node would be a slower, more stable node.

But whatever, I'm just so happy for the Kickstarter success. I can't wait to see Ashes start to take shape.


  • I think the node progression rate would depend on the community split ^^ what you do in a node zone will influences its rate to grow so a militaristic node would grow fast if there is a large pvp base that are doing activities within the nodal zone to contribute to its development, and vice versa for it to grow slow ^^
    Glad you are hyped o/
  • Howdy!!! Nodes will progress depending on the size of the community that parts in the influence of the node zone! its really up to the player's to make it go fast or slow!

    But so am I I'm super stoked for this game and I can't wait honestly!

    Hope this helps!
  • It depends if the node community is cooperative or competitive.
    It depends on the other nearby node split too.
    If one node is cooperative focused, they may be easy pickings for a competitive focused nearby node.
    So you will need a good balance between destructive and constructive mentalities.
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