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character creation

I was looking at the kick starter and noticed something ,is alot of the character creation going to be hidden behind a pay wall? because i noticed that the diffrent level of contributers get tier 1,2,3 access to Additional character creation customization options


  • Character creation? No.
    Character appearance after character creation will be a major feature of the cash shop. Yes.
  • Yep All the cash shop stuff will be cosmetic and not give in game advantage. So just like in real life everyone is born with their own stregnths and weakneses, however the poorer of us will have to have wear non branded stuff while the people with money will be able to rock the designer stuff.
    The devs have said the standard customisation will be beter than most out of the box anyway,so dont worry about that.

    What is unique about this game is the the people who have cash burning a hole in their pocket will not be able to buy performance enharncers.

    I personaly dont care if some one can buy a go faster stripe customisation so long as it doesnt actually make them faster.
  • Howdy!! Yep no "Pay 2 Win" the most you ever get from Ashes of Creation is cosmetic no boost etc... stuff to make you better then an original player!

    Hope this helps!
  • As others have mentioned, character creation customization options are entirely cosmetic and are not Kickstarter exclusive.

    But, I think OP wasn't worried about p2w and just about lack of appearance / cosmetic options to people who don't want to dish out cash. Steven has said that there will be a large selection of appearances by default. Those sold in the cash shop will likely be for the players who really want something unusual like a Super Saiyan hairdo or glowing eyes or whatever the devs dream up. If Steven is true to his word, you can still design a badass character. There won't be a paywall to lock you out. Cash will get you some finishing touches.
  • exactly what im wondering about , already know that there wont or not supposed to be any p2w . i am speaking strictly on character creation not what happens after i mean the look/appearance or my character.
  • Yeah, I wouldn't worry about the character customization aspect of the game. If Steven is true to his word, you'll have a lot of options to choose from without entering the cash shop. And, more importantly, if Steven is true to his word, the game will be released and successful *fingers crossed*
  • Concretely I estimate non pledged people will have:

    - X haircut options, while pledged will have more haircut options (bigger the tier, more options you get)
    - X make up options, while pledged will have more make up options (bigger the tier, more options you get)
    - etc.

    I'm hoping that will not extend with character sliders though, height, weight, facial sliders etc.

    Hoping its only number of haircuts, hair colors, make up choices etc.

    It would be bad if sliders that create actual body shapes were limited.
  • I guess I hope it's more like tattoos and jewelry rather than haircuts.
  • What about having no skin at all

    <img src="" alt="" />
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">nagash wrote:</a></div>What about having no skin at all

    <img src="" alt="" />


    I mean, whatever gets you off, bud.
  • @Nagash

    I mean, whatever gets you off, bud.
  • !!!!!!!
    Probably too awesome to be a KS exclusive.
    More likely to be a cash shop skin.
  • Well that is something I will be getting then
  • GO UNDEAD! xD I would love to see an undead race

    An undead Captain!!!! I will raid the seas!!!
  • I'm only worried about facial hair at launch. Don't let me down you bearded guys.
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