Rare Recipe thoughtprocess and viability

So i had a thought about the crafting in this game and i was hoping for some clarification

Suppose that player X finds a rare recipe, lets say the sword of jeffrey, and that this player is a citizen of a node. With the current system in place that player is incentivized to make sure that the materials that are required to make this rare sword all come from his own node, therefor making sure that the gatherers and processors of his own node contribute to his crafting, this way all rare recipies would demands cash in full and not accept people bringing their own materials since having processed materials come in from other nodes would not help that players node at all, in fact if a large number of people in node have some rare recipies but allow people from other nodes to bring in their own materials for crafting said recipe all the other gatheres and processors in that node suffer.

My concern is that will certain rare recipies require materials from other nodes? are certain materials only available from a certain type of node or can gatherers and processors from a single node gather and process all the materials required for a high level crafting item or is there for example a type of ore only found in coastal nodes required or something similar.

If i am understanding this system correctly then this would be the only MMO where the crafter actually cares where the materials used in creating a perticual item come from and therefor making the recipes and the people who hold them even more valuable.

Sry for rambling on but i found this to be quite interesting and would love to hear some imput from you guys and from intrepid aswell.


  • That's interesting. I don't know exactly how trade and caravans work, but maybe both importing and exporting would give node xp (if between Economy type nodes?). Seems like all the more reason to attack their caravans!
  • if trade with other nodes helps level a node then yeah that would make it somewhat easier to have people simply bring their own mats however i dont see any single crafting recipie requiring so many materials that it would need a caravan to transport it, unless like the really end game recipies require like 500 ingots of some ore but that would be kinda insane
  • Howdy!!! So realize the game is still in "Pre-Alpha" So I can't really say much because not much info has been revealed!!

    Alright so Yes there will be materials that are only found in a specific region!!
    and the only way to obtain theses items is through your Current Action house or go and gather the resources your self!

    Action houses however are not global its only Local so Example I have salt that can only be found in my Region of the world!
    and I would like to sell this salt on the Action house, but its to cheap here because its found everywhere. if I go across the world
    and sell at another Action house I can probably make alot of money!!! because this salt has meaning and can't be found over here in this region!

    Caravan system is basically to transport some of your goods to another region! ( Or Trade with other nodes out side your area of influence )

    You will have a very limited space to carry stuff in your inventory! so the caravan system makes up for that if you have alot of resources you would like to transport, But it has a Risk=reward!

    Lets say for example the topic I wrote above the Salt I want to transport that to another region because its more valuable there then it is here!

    Risk= putting a lot of my resources on a cart and if a bandit of player's come and raid my caravan while its being traveled I loose my resources if were not able to defend it off and even if we win the battle some of the resource we could loose because of the damage the fight has caused!

    Reward= If all goes well travel etc.... I can make alot of profit selling the resources I just transport!!

    Caravans will play a huge Part in Nodes success because a lot of Government nodes are going want to trade with other nodes so they can profit off it and gain more Civilization etc....

    But if player's block trade routes and raids caravans its going to hurt the Nodes because they are loosing resources and profit that they could of earned will be lost!

    Hope this helps!
  • Also still being talked about, but here some more info on crafting!!

  • so they are gona have like a server first recipe? for a limited time 1 person is gona be the only person who can craft something? i hope this only counts for rare recipies and not the common ones but who knows
  • @Tesindra its still being discussed, But yeah more likely its going to be something rare then Common etc....
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