I've noticed in the limited videos of any gameplay that the ui looks kind of like a relic of UI.
Not to sound like a dick but it looks like the cheesy UI in the chinese games on facebook. I'm just wondering if they have mentioned it changing to get a lil up to date with the times or do they plan on keeping it?


  • It's pre-alpha placeholder, it's only there to have some kind of representation and functional use. They have not dedicated any ressources as of yet to make the actual UI they want to have, it's just way to low on the priority list to polish it up.
    Since we are on the topic, the same goes for animations, characterwise as well as spellanimations and so on.

    Pre-Alpha is the keyword
  • Place-Holder is keyword ;)
  • I agree it looks like a place holder but in case its not, it just doesn't feel in setting with the rest of the graphics/design.
  • A question I keep posting for the livestreams is whether or not the UI will be customizable and to what extent.  Full in game tweaking of placement, size, and so on, addons via LUA or other?  It's so early, but there are so many questions already!
  • @Brink907That has been answered dozens of times, yes it will be fully customizable and you might even give it a personal skin and giggles.
  • I suspect it will change quite a bit, but I hope it remains minimalistic in nature.
  • There is a UI skin in the new Web backer preorder thingie...

    5500 June Backers -UI Theme 
  • finndo said:
    There is a UI skin in the new Web backer preorder thingie...

    5500 June Backers -UI Theme 
    But is that just to have a default UI different than what has been shown off in the media so far?
  • Theme to me means that the graphics change, the font changes, the colors change, maybe even the actual design as well.  As it was specifically referred to as a place hold, I sure as all [fill in blank here] hope that won't even remotely resemble the final UI!
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