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Crafting Resource Variable Quality

Have they made any statements or given any to hints on anything close to variable crafting resource quality? It's pretty lame that in almost every MMO everyone crafts the same thing because they have the same resources.

This is one of the things that SWG did right. resources has variable qualities. And the resource quality was a big (but not the only) factor in the end result. This made for a very dynamic economy where the money that you spent was relative to the quality. In addition, it created niche markets for everything from 'grind' quality' to top of the line 'PvP' quality.


  • Hmm I can't mind if they mentioned various quality raw materials but we do craft various quality items. Maybe post it as a question for tonight's stream?
    What I can say is that materials will have a period of rareity because of seasonal changes. So although the qualities might not vary the rarity will. E.g some fish might only be farmable in spring and not in other seasons. So will be up to the player to stock up resources or to sell or to hold onto for use in other seasons.
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