Punish Me

Anyone else miss MMOs that had very harsh death penalties that made you afraid to die?

I searched the site and got nothing about "death penalties" so here we are....

Has anything been talked about? I'm hoping for full loot and XP loss upon death because why not.


  • You don't lose exp, but you gain negative EXP.

    "You gain negative EXP, the more Negative exp you accumulate, the more punishing it gets for your stats etc.. so Evil Exp"
  • Authorize wrote:You don’t lose exp, but you gain negative EXP.

    “You gain negative EXP, the more Negative exp you accumulate, the more punishing it gets for your stats etc.. so Evil Exp”

    That sounds fun
  • Authorize wrote:You don’t lose exp, but you gain negative EXP.

    “You gain negative EXP, the more Negative exp you accumulate, the more punishing it gets for your stats etc.. so Evil Exp”

    That sounds cool.
  • Part of me would like to see "Corpse Runs" it would certainly slow down "zerg fests" and give Rogue/Rangers a job to do. But then again part of me doesn't want to see "corpse runs"

    Maybe some sort of delayed re-spawn after multiple deaths, so instant respawn for first death, then gradually rising to say 1min for several deaths, again this would slow "zergs" down.
  • yes, there is punishing mechanics, but I'm not satisfied with them. I want it to be really tough on the player if they die
  • The sadist in me wants to see a total death, have to reroll once you bite the biscuit. This is marginally better than some other game in development, can't remember it's name, that you have to pay money to reroll when you die.
  • I love games that have harsh death penalties and would like to see something similar implemented into this game.
  • I would love to see a undead race for when you die a certain amount of times you can become a undead but then again im a undead fan boy
  • are u guys nuts?
    this is not a survival game this is an high fantasy mmorpg .... yeah penalties i agree but perma death?
    i like the system they thought of .... if you die too much your stats get worse and worse .... so its even harder to survive...
    and partial loot is enough.
    if they would go the hard rout due to your post i would camp ya :)
  • Harsh death penalties for the sake of harsh death penalties aren't really fun, especially in a game where the potential to be ambushed and slain by any other player is there. I just don't think there is a way to make corpse runs fun--death itself is already a punishing enough mechanic for failure. It doesn't need to be very much worse to deter people from wanting to play the game at all.

    Adding more meaning to death is okay. I think the negative exp buffer is already a pretty good mechanic to make deaths while leveling meaningful, and when we drop goods at max level for dying I'm sure we'll all think that is just fine too.

    Maybe make a realm where death is "Hardcore" as an opt-in, if it really appeals to some players?
  • i'm with Smee86.
    perhaps recuperative services by clerics/necros/alchemists/enchanters/NPCs...some class/profession abilities to mitigate death degradation.
  • As Grumpy Cat would say: How about "no"?
  • I'd also note there's a balance between severe death penalties and challenging PvE content. That is, you can't have perma-death if you expert the average guild to die 80 times while learning a challenging boss. More generally, the tougher the death penalty, generally the easier the PvE content. And between the two, I'd rather have challenging PvE content and a less punishing death penalty than the reverse.
  • Maybe they'll implement something eventually where you can choose the style to play when creating a character. But I'd imagine with player killers being able to attack innocents, it would be very hard for you to be successful; But some people like the challenge I suppose.
    I think the devs won't focus on this feature, and if they do it won't be til way later in the process, if not a while after the release.
  • I would love a game with a death punishment, but this is not that game and it should never be. lol

    But yeah, a game where it revolves around a harsher death penalty would be cool.
  • Just start a new character whenever you die.
    That's what I did when I leveled a hardcore carebear no kills/no deaths character in WoW.
    You can impose permadeath rules on your own characters if that's really the way you want to play.
    Punish yourself.
  • @Dygz +1

    Well put!
  • The death penalties in this game will land somewhere between The meaninglessness of WoW and Harshness of EQ1.
  • I don't like too hard punishment simply because it discourages people from PvP.

    More punishment = more people avoid PvP = less PvP available in the world = not so fun for me
  • I am all for optional self sacrifice.
    Delevelling at varying degrees of harshness.
    Where you have a choice about the level of punishment you are willing to accept.
    That could be modelled into a risk vs reward system.

    That needs to be the player choice though....not another players.
  • I must state that I'm staunchly opposed to these "harsh" death penalties. I mean, hell, I take enough fall damage all the time because ... y'know ... I have to see if I can survive jumping from HERE down to THERE. How much damage will that do me? So on and so forth. Must admit, that's a huge factor in exploration for me. My husband laughs at me, but yeah, I'm that person. "Oh, look, a bridge! It almost looks survivable ... hmmmm. I wonder ..."

    Not to mention that I don't do the training dummies. Blech. Hate them. I don't consider them viable enough to really be a true representation of what my skills can do when taken against AI, or another player. Ssssoooo ... I die lots there, too, as I build up my abilities.

    And then there are sometimes just those oh-so-fun "Oh, shite!" moments when you realize you're in an area you really shouldn't be in ...

    If this were a survival game, I think I could understand it. But it's not. So yeah, my vote's quite against this.
  • Well @dygz posted what I thought ... there is nothing keeping you from punishing yourself it that is what you want ... delete toon, and start over.

    O, god, I hated corpse runs back in the day in EQ, having no corpse runs in DAoC was a big perk for playing that game. RIP CR
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    Nope to all of this. How about if YOU die you stop playing the game and give your laptop to charity.
  • Glad to see a lot agree on some death penalty. Totally thought this was going to be "grab your pitchforks!" type of thing lol.....
  • step 1. join pk guild
    step 2. pk till your 100% corrupt
    step 3. fight for your life if you die you drop gear

    already in game think that will do fine no?
  • This game is about advancing and developing your character.  Having too harsh of a death penalty would be in opposition of that.  If you like harsh death penalties, then hey, that's your thing and your welcome to it.  But it's not going to be in this game.
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