Flying Mounts?

Wonder if they will make flying mounts? i mean yeah its way too early to get an answer, but it would be interesting of what they come up with.


  • they've already said that flying mounts will be a privilege of Mayors and sometimes random drops from world bosses that have a 30 day timer on them.
  • Well that's a plus i guess it just means who ever has the flying mounts now a target for arches and snipers
  • yes, but for most players no
  • I'm really glad they they have gone for this approach. Nice that flying is a privilege and not a norm :)
  • Well, i seen a video of Steven saying who will have a flying mount and i will give you an impolite translation of it .
    Only peeps with no personal life or family or jobs can have them for they are the only desperate peeps that can play more then 12 hours a day in order to be kings and queens .
    Those of us that have a purpose in life , a job and a family instead of a pack of pets and prefer to rise a kid in stead of a dog there for see games to be entertainment will have the psibility of rare drops that will age in time and die and personaly i am satisfied with it .
    Steven did not sed it the wey i did it ,this is mi translation for the desperat ones and i ment it so. I realy want to see the unser to this defiance , hi hi ha ha hi hi ! >:D
    I only apologise for bad english ,i am not an english man.
  • As far as I know, the only flying mount they mentioned was a dragon , it's a drop from node bosses.
    I think they will be more of a priviledge, it was mentioned that they didn't really want anything like fast travel, they really wanted us to feel the time pass between travels.
  • Queens/Kings/Mayors of cities get a flying dragon they can ride while they hold that office. They lose it once someone else takes that office.

    Steven also mentioned the possibility of eggs that can drop from epic mobs - which could hatch into a flying mount which expires after some time limit.

    (Science Metropolises can have a local fast travel network.)
  • Isn't one of the Kickstarter goals a flying mount?
  • <blockquote><div class="d4p-bbp-quote-title"><a href="">nagash wrote:</a></div>Isn’t one of the Kickstarter goals a flying mount?


    It can only glide.
  • The winged mount in the kickstarter can only glide.
  • As long as it's not pay to win, I'm fine with flying mounts being rare. \o/

    afaik KS only has skins. You first have to obtain real mount in game then you can apply shiney KS skin on it.
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