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[ATELIER] Wallpaper n Future art

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edited June 2017 in Fan Art
This discussion was eaten at some point by the old forum (thought i deleted the body accidentally and rewrite everything thinking it was the body of the discussion while it was a comment, so I apologize for that; it was not intended) and plus looks like signatures are no more available as before so I'll focus on wallpapers n stuffs like that. I've just purchased my first wacom (yayyy, finally!) and I'm going to post my art here too when I'll have something good to keep myself motivated in this new learning journey 
Hey folks! I've been working on this wallpaper, hope you like it! Ofc you're totally free to use it and share, just don't remove my logo :P --- Do you want some other wallpapers or a remake of this one with different phrases & images? Worry no more, just leave a comment here explaining what you need in detail; I'll prepare something for you ^^



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