Farewell old forums!

You were kind to us (not really) :p but it's time to move on!

We are replacing you with nicer and younger version, please don't hate us. ;)



  • goodbye my lover goodbye my friend you have been the one for me
  • Aha ^^
    RIP cookiepost monster
  • Hasta luego o//
  • We were never properly introduced, and now you leave me, forever curious of what could've been! Farewell.
  • They will NOT be missed by me! Ate up enough posts. . . /glare
  • ones to ones zero to zeros and to the zeros you shall return
  • The new forums will be our home for the next few years till the game's released. Words cannot express how much I'm looking forward to the new forums. :D
  • Edit: Oh yeah, well I'll just make my own forums, with blackjack and strippers!
    Infact, forget the black jack and the forums!

    ...eh, screw the whole thing!
  • C ya old forums, cant wait to be able to quote again and not have to remeber to copy every post before I post it Yay!
  • Maybe I won't have to rewrite all of my damn posts that get eaten...
  • Oh how thee shall not be missed
  • Please dont leave me :(

    /signed garbage can
  • Good riddance, I guess.
    I'm sure the new platform will work way better *smiles*
  • My other post was eaten :(
  • I'm going to miss writing a really long, well thought out post and having it disappear.
    Maybe this post-eating monster was really an angel, sent from the Intrepid God's to intervene and stop shitposting.
    Maybe it did us a favor.
    Goodbye monster/angel. You will be replaced by moderators.
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