Custom weapons skins?

Has Intrepid ever mentioned anything about this? I defiantly wouldn't mind upping my pledge more to have one of their artists make me a custom weapon skin.

Even after the KS campaign I think it would be a cool non-P2W way to help support the game. Iv seen other indy studios offer something similar for their games for around 500~1000 USD.


  • Backer Only weapon skins were obtained at 8,000 backers.
  • I think OP is refering to a unique weapon skin just for them. This has not been mentioned to my knowledge. The skin Tickled is talking about is available to all backers no matter the pledge.
  • @TickledPink nailed it no matter what package you buy on the kickstarter you get it!

    I be surprise if they don't add more later in game that you can achieve from getting achievement etc....

    Hope this helps!!
  • The closest I can come to answering this is what I've learned of the crafting system. In essence, and I'm sure there will be people who know more about this and can flesh it out ... in essence, as you build your crafting abilities, you'll unlock new "dials" and options. So, let's say we have a Steel Sword. And then, said Steel Sword upgrades to where we can make it with Damascened Steel. And then, we can upgrade the hilt on it, so we now have two options (simple steel and Damascened) for the blade, and two options for the hilt. So on and so forth.

    It is possible that, at the highest Artisan level, you can make swords with multiple appearances, while still having the same stats, or improved stats based on the mats you are using.

    Now, is that a custom weapon skin? No. But if your crafter/Artisan is high enough, and if you're rich enough, it's entirely possible you could be the proud owner of one of Isende's Blades ... and that could be something distinctive enough that folk ask you "Hey, wow, where'd you get that?" Beyond that?

    Don't have a clue :-)
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