Eyeshine for the Tulnar (sp?)

I don't know what I was expecting for the Tulnar (if that's how you spell it), but it wasn't what we got. What we're getting is 10x more amazing than the stuff I'd come up with as ideas!

An idea I've had for a while on them though (that kind-of goes in line with the concept art) is eyeshine (maybe as an option?). Such as <a href="http://i.imgur.com/LmTNtiV.png" target="_blank">this</a>.

The simple route would be "when it gets dark the eyeshine shows up". It'd be another pretty cool visual distinction, and would be marked down as "wonderfully weird" in my book!


  • In all the shadow figures for the underrealm race, there did not appear to be any females. Will there be females of this new race? and if so would show their shadow figures?
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