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UI and QoL suggestions

So i know this is still pre alpha and things like UI and quality of life interface additions are a long way off but i figured i would make a few suggestions now so maybe some of these things can be in mind when working towards the final iteration.

first off let me say thank you for allowing people to be dedicated tank/healers or supports in this game, too many games recently have tried to blur the lines so much that almost every class feels like a quasi DPS with some tanking or healing thrown in and as someone who mains healers/supports i am excited.

aside from the above many games who do decide to include tanks/healers or supports seem to fail at a few crucial additions to the UI that makes the roles much harder or more clunky/less enjoyable to play without looking for addons to suppliment the standard UI.

here are some suggestions i feel would be a great addition/inclusion to the UI:

for all roles:

clear name plates above enemies head with the following-

1. name, level and other relevant info
2. cast bar with spell icon
3. coloured by class if enemy player char or by red, yellow, green for hostile, neutral or friendly NPC
4. icons above nameplate for debuffs or cc inflicted by the player character on the enemy with a timer. can also show major enemy cooldowns here too.

for tanks:

in addition to the above, allow nameplates to have a border indicating aggro status of the mobs so tanks can quickly identify which mobs they do or do not have aggro over, for example, a green or no border if you have aggro and a red border if you do not (or the other way around if people feel that is better)

for healers:

raidframes that can be shown at all times, raidframes usually are smaller and neater than party frames and no frames usually show while solo outside of the main character frame-

1. have the option for raidframes to be shown always, when solo, or in a party as many people prefer that over no frames while solo and party frames while in a group.
2. mouseover functionality for healing when mouseover raidframes.
3. not bloated with information, easy to see debuff icons for cleansing, hp and if possible an incoming heal prediction or indicator.

will update this as i can think of more but for now these are my suggestions to consider and i welcome anyone to add comments,

thank you
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