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I want to appoint a matter about the game. Its said that mages are needed to light darker areas like dungeons or nights. But..., as far as i have seen, the game is very light so no need to torches, lanterns or light mages skills. 

I want to see darker nights, darker dungeos with no torchs or plants glowing. If not, at least, storms make you feeling unsave, so you could not view so far. The game and the enviroment will be better, i think so.


  • I am totally agree
  • Can't remember which QnA they said this, but it was something like this:
    "Once we got into UE4 we realised that it would be a shame not to utilize the lighting it provides. So there will be many dark areas where you will need lighting."

    I too think it would be nice to have actual dark places, where you need something if you're not gonna have the living something scared out of you :)
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    Ahh, there are great news, thanks ^^
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