Do you want a welcome section on the forums specifically for new players?



  • I would like to see a FAQ or sticky with the top asked questions and official replies like this existing post...

    I always check back in to that thread to catch up or verify items.

  • I would also like to see a FAQ or sticky thread like this...

    where a new player or someone looking for information can find already answered information.
  • I think it would be nice for people to tell everyone who they are and where they are coming from before getting into the white water.
  • It's a nice place to say hi and greet people. Maybe even forward them to the right communities if they're from different regions. 

  • I am somewhat  undecided.   For some reason I can't vote on the poll.

    Most new people jump right to the general section to see what type of people are posting and the tone of the posts.  I think maybe a post pinned at the top of the General Discussion thread as a welcome to new people and asking them to jump in below would be good maybe in place of it's own thread.

    If most people are like me they go to the "Most Recently Posted" link.  That brings up all the newest posts.  New people posting would most likely be seen anyways in that case.  Those of us who enjoy and want to welcome new comers would still do it. 

    In case it is decided to make a new thread can the welcome thread be pinned near the top?  

    It was said " Please note that if we add this section back in based on your feedback, it may increase the total areas on the forums, making them more difficult to sift through at first glance, as we will be adding additional forum sections later on. "

    If the thread became cumbersome could it not be archived once again?

  • People called me boring for wanting a farm. Of course we do!!
  • Yes! We to need stickies too!
  • Thanks all for your feedback. 73% of you said "yes" so we'll re-institute the welcome section. Closer to launch and post-launch we will re-evaluate this though as we want the forums to be easy to navigate without too much clutter.


  • Thankyou so much xxx now new people won't be afraid to say hi :3
  • This poll is now closed and we re-opened the Welcome section on the forums. Thank you everyone for your feedback!
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