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Is the dog a house pet or does it help fight?

Is the dog a pet and it walks around inside the house or can it go for a walk in the woods with you and help you find truffles and stuff then help attack monsters and such?


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    all KS  rewards are  cosmetic  in nature and do nothing   other than make  you look  like a  KS  backer 
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    And it's Cute as hell what's not to like ^^
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    Even the pets we acquire in-game...
    The devs haven't decided yet whether pets will have abilities that can aid in combat or even collect dropped items/resources.
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    Well I am hoping we get to be tamers in the game, and have it so we can transfer non-combat pets to other players, and have combat types we can train up to do different type attacks. Maybe have it were we can train combat types up, and sell them to other non-tamer players. Maybe they cn only own one pet at a time, being a non-tamer, and if it dies it's just gone. It's an idea at least.

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    We get to be tamers of creatures and breeders.
    And the pets will have abilities.
    But those abilities might only be cosmetic abilities.
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