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Sub Classes

So, we have Polynesian dwarves, can we get Aztec orcs and Arabic elves?


  • Seems like we're already headed in that direction - we just need to see more details to know which culture goes with which race.
  • Wonder how long until we see some more concept art?
  • Well they did hire a new Character Artist didn't they? I'm sure we are not to far off to see some more of the underrealm mixmatched race.
  • Im starting to feel like the game is gonna be set in a postapocalytic world, imagine this: Everyone had to flee from a heavily radiated world, the things that stayed got wierd mutation, e.g. Glowing antlers etc. 
    Now we come back hence the partly irl names, like polynesian :) (would also be easy to design the world, just saying). Slab down the world map, put in some dungeons etc. and there you have it.
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