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Alpha Key situation

Before I start this I want to put forward that I am not here to get a second key, I am here to hear the reasoning behind all this from an actual Teammember, not some voluntair making the situation even worse.

So to get everyone on the same page what I am talking about is the situation that arrised with Zephirius getting a 2nd alpha key. Since it still is like that I assume this is as intended and I want to inquire why it is acceptable all of a sudden for one person to get 2 alpha keys.

This week was specifically for people who gathered traffic for Ashes, which in itself is already a selfserving reward, but that is in half beside the point, I'll get to it later.
I am sure there are more than 6 people who invest a lot of time in this and I can't help but wonder why someone get's passed over in favor of someone who already has an alpha key.

This is not the first time it happened that a 2nd key was handed out to the same person, in fact it happened 3 times in different circumstances and in all 3 cases it got revoked in favor for someone who didn't have an alpha key already. I for one didn't have a problem with that, I even cleared the situation up myself and gave it back so others have a chance to enjoy an early glimps of the game for their contributions even to as someone who built up a community in Ashes I would have tons of uses for it.

What I do not appreciate, and the whole reason I even started this, is getting called a mistake that I ever recieved a 2nd alpha key. I was recogniced for my work in the Discord, I put months of activity in helping people find their first foothold, answering questions openly and in private in more detail. I kicked of the transcription fade and gave us our first easely accessible Source people can point to when people had questions.
And I was recognised for my work in the forum, welcoming people, being an active and helpful contributor in discussions with my dedicated knowledge of what we knew at that point.

I really, really do not appreciate being called a mistake for that, and the same applies to the communitywork Nivhawk has done, she provided a huge base of information with her community doc that continued to be an amazing source of information and levitates a lot of stress of everyone with again ease of accessibility functionality to post out of it.

It feels cheap that this continuos source that was provided as a long term help is apparently overshadowed by plain visit count to the website. Steven is from the marketing branche himself, he should know best that it is not that hard to seek out some keysites to repost one made post and gather some traffic and with some hours of work gather an substantintial amount.
I'm saying all this based of a continued eyesore I had to experience with one of my  two not so much liked voluntair moderators.

I literally got dragged into the Ashes discord with pings at the pure hint of winning an Alpha key in one of the >>random stream raffles<< because some guy had "grisu" as part of his name. As if noone in several thousand people watching one of the streams has ever heard of the tv show.

And here we are just a week or two later where noone seems to care and actively get defended for the apparently same damned situation.

It was stated that it is possible to win alpha and beta, I specificly was asked what kind of key I had when I cleared up that I got a 2nd Alpha key.
Winning two alpha keys was never on the table as it is evident with one of our cases that has a very clear message regarding the masterlist of alpha key winners and only one Key per person.

I don't know what exactly happened around the 13 week keydrawing, Zeph wasn't an official winner, but got a key anyway and there are lot's of people more that are helpful on a continued basis.
So that is the gist of it. I honestly left a lot of those eyesore moments in private space since it is none of my business how you handle and what you tolerate from your CMs, a CM bashing continuously on a youtuber who brought us a massive wave of people, or is a pain in the arse with his selfproclaimed knowledge that goes 180 degree into the opposite direction of what Steven himself already confirmed, missleading people whysoever. A CM that out of pure jelousy cheapened the value of a given key that was earned with smart use of helpfulnes and working around a language that is not her native one.
A 2nd key given to the same person was included there, but this half arsed response finally made it personal for me. I won't stand quiet while my own passion get's called a mistake and cheapened like this, so I thought I will bring that up at the same time.

While we are at it, my Question for the stream was not if there are other mules. It was if there are other moonstrider styled ones, different furcolours, without the fancy kickstarter animation.


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    I must say that I find this situation quite disconcerting.

    When asked in the past of whether or not the same person can receive multiple keys, the response was as follows (by the same mod in the previous image, speaking on behalf of the company, as I believe the mods are supposed to be representing Intrepid in their responses. If this is not the case, feel free to correct me):

    So, the question is: what has changed since then to now?This statement was made, barely a month and a half ago. Have things changed so much since then? As far as I know, so far, every community member that has received a duplicate key has had it revoked, those people being Zekece, Nivhawk and Gayleath. Has the measure of which contribution is being estimated with changed over the last month?

    Plus, one can say, as I am certain many are thinking it: What is the same person going to do with a duplicate key? Play two toons at the same time? *scratches head* Safe to assume that they would give it to a friend to use. But then, I thought that the Devs are the ones that decide on that?

    This whole situation is just a head scratcher for me. With the amount of influx of new people constantly during the KS and the amount of people truly putting genuine effort into helping the community, it seems unfair to be giving anyone that already has an Alpha key a second one.

    I do hope that this issue gets addressed properly by the actual developing team, as they are the ones that decide on these situations and not by a CM, as I am under the impression that the CMs truly have no say in these matters and hold no say over who is deemed worthy of receiving a key and who not. Once again, if I am in error, I am welcome to any corrections.

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    As a response again to this:

    I find it quite disconcerting to see this situation unfold. When asked in the past if the same person can receive multiple keys, the response goes as follows (provided by the same mod, from the original post pertaining to this. As I am aware, the CMs represent the company, so what they say should be fact. If this is not the case, please correct me):

    This response was provided not more than 1 1/2 month ago. Has so much changed since then, and has the quality of contribution shifted so much? Or, are people just going back on their word? All the community members that have so far received duplicate keys, have had them removed, these people being Zekece, Nivhawk and Gayleath. So, what is so different now for the particular person, being Zephirius, that warrants him valuable enough to keep his key, where the previous mentioned, were not? Let me state that this is in no way a personal attack on Zeph. This would be my response to anyone already holding a key and had they been in the same situation.

    To this, I believe it is necessary that the issue be addressed, officially, by the Dev Team and NOT the CMs. It is my impression that, whilst the CMs represent the company, when it comes to matters such as this, the word should come from the Dev team directly rather than a medium, such as a CM. That way, there will be no shades of grey of interpretation and it will be a straight answer, without the chance of misunderstanding.

    I hope that this matter gets resolved swiftly and correctly, for the sake of the community. There are plenty of helpful people within the community, that do not have keys currently. It is rather unfair to bestow a secondary key on someone already holding one, than giving to someone that has none.
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