Tulnar Imaginings (Unfinished wip)

OOC Introduction:

“In the midst of a wild sea there is an island, standing alone, formed of ancient rock and with no forms of natural flora but what is taken there.

The surface of the island is open and buffeted by strong salty wind and frequent storms.

The island is, perhaps surprisingly, inhabited.

A long time ago, before the island separated from other continents, man walked there, and living in the caves of the island stayed.

It is because they were worshippers of a certain god that kept them alive, they were showed how to use magic, how to keep plants alive and give them strength. So now they grow fruit and vegetables within the caves, close to the sea, and directed away from the main winds, pollinating insects being blown there from the mainland…..”

Like many people I am a mental hoarder of stories I’ve thought about putting to paper.

Whilst this idea is years old, it’s only been in the few months that I pulled it out from my dusty brain and got around to getting a rough plot idea down on paper.

I then forgot about it again, I’ve got too many right now that might be better, but something just seemed so ‘right’ and fitting given the Tulnar to try to bring it to life..

This is just an imagining, made up mental meanderings. I doubt it will be anything like the real Tulnar race or actual official in game lore. (I’ll have palpitations if it is.)

I’m not a published writer, just a rambling amateur who, given that I can’t work, is just enjoying the process of writing and giving a release to all the twisted vomit in my head.

I am so happy to give this to you all.  

(IC)The Story

“Now. The end is already here, open your eyes.”

The soft lisping voice of Akkit, absorbing into the Basalt walls failed to reach the ears of the scuttling denizens of the under-realm.

Engrossed by their daily distractions the village populace swayed past. Faces tossing mere scraps of acknowledgement towards the augur.

He bent his head, repeating again sadly.


Sinking down against the wall, he stretched out a soft clawed finger and scratched a circle in the dust.

“It all goes around.”

In his head he was far away, carried upon a vessel of erratic thought, he let the tide take him closer towards hidden truths or insanity.

“The beginning is the end. We must go back to the beginning.”

He took a deep breath and froze statue like for a before flicking his face as swiftly as thought to look up at the rock ceiling above him.

“Back to the beginning….. we have to find HER again.”

- - - -

We must go back to the beginning of this circle.

Grip it’s metal between our fingers and forge another circle, new from the old.; Raise the circle up, over the rock and into the light. Show the new circle to all under the heavens and pray that our skill in it’s casting is pleasing to the Gods.

The end is only the beginning, and the beginning always starts at the end.

What has gone before will only come again.

Back before King Assussus lost his spear and Tsalt found it again.

Back before the joining of the people, there was another world.

Ruin came to this world as soft as a childs breath, she blew over the world and everything that she passed by succumbed to her sickening touch.

The children of Saurian saw Ruin and were afraid.

The wisest among them realised that Ruin would take them all, so they connived a plan to out-wit her and so they turned to Soil and Rock for help.

Soil was happy to accept the children into his arms, moving aside to give up his own seat at the fireside and gladly offering them all the food that was his to give.

Brother Rock did not agree and with stubborn will he argued against Soil and the children.

He did not feel that they should open the doors of a new world without taking first a toll from them for their effort.

Rock and Soil fought violently.

At first Rock would plant a mountain upon Soil.

Then Soil would pull Rock down and bury him.

They battled so fiercely that they awoke Lava from her sleep, and scalding them, she threatened to drown them both unless they came to an agreement.

Ending their dispute, the twins agreed that if the children of Saurian wished to receive protection then they must offer a worthy sacrifice.

That was how it was that the children were forced to give up the sacred snow they had in their blood, leaving space for the fever in their veins like all the other beasts of the land, and took shelter in the halls of Rock and Soil

Ruin was shocked and angry that the children of Saurian had so escaped her grip, and haemorrhaging rage she shook the world attempting to jolt the children out of the brothers keep.

Children of Beasts and children of men fled then, retreating swiftly in an endeavour to save their own lives.

When they found themselves at the great doors of Rock and Soil, they offered up sacrifices of their own…. (Meh, some other time eh, I’m falling asleep now :) )


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  • I like your story, very much, and hope you continue!  Thank you!
  • Thanks so much, I did a bit more in it, but because I changed the title it saved as a separate thread. Derpage. I'd not recommend reading it, needs a lot more work.
    But thanks so much for not thinking it's total cack! :)
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