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Ashes of Creation - Plug.dj

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edited June 2017 in Fan Sites
I took the liberty of making a plug.dj for ashes, simply because I like music and its nice for sharing your taste in music :)

The url is as follows: https://plug.dj/ashes-of-creation
If you've never heard of plug.dj, heres a little rundown:

Its a music sharing service where you either dj for each other (cyklus style) or theres a set dj. People can then upvote or grab the music for their own playlist. Currently its only music from youtube, but that pretty much everything :) I'll check in on occasion and play/listen, so if anyone wanna join that would be nice :)

(If anyone from the ashes team want the channel just pm me, and naturally ill mod the mods if they come on :) )

Edit: There is actually a link, its just the color scheme thats messed up.
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