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Name my Freehold Inn

So those of you who frequent Discord ashes_discussion may know about this, but if you don't...welcome friend! Have I got a deal for you!

Are you looking to own an Inn, but not just any Inn, one that has a name and brand recognition that would set yours apart from any others in the world?
Are you looking for adventurers to flock to your fine establishment?
Do you want your Freehold to be the central hub and hive of activity of your node?
Do you think hanging out at cities are overrated?
Do you want to be a part of a company with a proven track record of good entertainment and sound profiteering?
Do you love memes?

If you answered yes for any or all of these questions, you have a chance to be a part of Ashes of Creation history. Xantham, the fabled memelord, shit stirrer, dinkydie Aussie hero and all around nice guy invites you to partake in the naming of his (soon to be) world famous chain of Inns. 

Here are the guidelines:
1- It has to include "Xan" or "Xantham" in the name
2- It has to in some way, infer an Inn/Tavern/Freehold/Place of rest for adventurers
3- It absolutely has to be a name that is amazing (be it funny, vulgar, or has great RP potential)
4- It shouldn't be something that could be banned in the game (so unfortunately no racism or blatantly inappropriate..however subtlety is encouraged).
See some suggestions I have already sourced from the community:

XXXan Inn
Xan's Love Lodge
Xan's Winterfellatio
The Seedy Xan
Xan's Happy End
Xan's Ho Door Tavern
Xan's Bed and Brothel
Xan's Rum Rub and Run
Xan's Harem House
Xan's Titilating Tavern
Xan's Den of Delights

Once I have a solid list and narrow it down to a handful of great possibilities, I will open up some kind of vote, and the winning name will be the name that I settle on. The creator of the winning suggestion will be given some kind of prize (not sure what yet).

I am also taking applications for anyone who wants to be official Licensed Franchisee's and have one of these amazing Inn's in your region/server, find me on Discord if you'd like to discuss this further or apply. Serious interest only. 

Thank you all in advance for your contributions.


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