Greetings, glorious adventurers! If you're joining in our Alpha One spot testing, please follow the steps here to see all the latest test info on our forums and Discord!

How do I get alpha keys

Just made this account, someone said you can win alpha keys, where do I sign up?


  • Just by signing up to the forums and watching the Live Q&A. Also by kickstarting a high enough package.
  • you sign-up by creating the Profile for these Forums. ( you already signed-up )
    Each week, ON Mondays & Tuesday, Alpha Keys will be randomly Selected.

    Or you can purchase a Beta or Alpha Kick via KickStarter Bundle.
    Cheapest is "Settler" for Beta 2. "Pioneer" Beta Phase 1 
    Founder for Alpha Phase 2 ( persistent )
    Braver of Worlds - Alpha Phase 1 ( this being the earliest access via Kickstarter )

    earliest Alpha ( in general ) is Random Draw each Week
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