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another way to fund in kickstarter?

i dont have a mastercard -__-

will there be any other ways to support in the near future or was it the last chance to get this founder packet for 150 bucks - i want to join the alpha :(


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    Hey :") 

    Taken from Steven today on Discord

    "Because of the high amount of members that requested alternate payment methods that Kickstarter did not offer, I have decided that during the month of June I will extend our crowdsourcing through our website for those of you who were unable to purchase packages through Kickstarter. All backers from Kickstarter will benefit from this additional month of funding with some pretty awesome backer goals and rewards, which we will be releasing today. We will have the ability for Kickstarter pledges to be upgraded as well."

    So I'd assume things like paypal will become available payment methods
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    There will be a store on the website in the next few days to continue the kickstarter for those who couldn't back due to payment issues, so you will be able to use paypal etc on the store :)
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    thank you guys! you can close the thread
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