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Craft/Jobs and the Solo Professional

Hey all,
I'm still reading through a lot of information. However, I can't find anything that relates to what I want to hear on Craft/Jobs ie: mining, alchemy... so on.

I want a truly in depth system. I'm always left wanting on most games, MMO included. Please link if anyone knows.

Some thoughts on this,

Mining: Nodes will likely have different mineral deposits and these thoughts are centred around the trade system too.
Having different basic ores for each node: copper, tin, and iron are norm for the starter resources. But if they were diverse or spread amongst the different nodes we could form a trade pattern where if you want Iron you would NEED to go to certain places. 

Finding minerals within the ore should either be a special skill (to be able to identify them at all) or they aren't found till examined by a specialist. meaning seeking said person out becomes something you need to factor into what ever profiteering you believe you could make.

Lastly gaining actual tangible skills/talents/perks from it (this can apply to any profession), after swinging a pickaxe for a few hours/days/weeks you are going to see a change, either in the mental fortitude needed to do a arduous job for so long or physically for... reasons.

Alchemy: This is a personal passion profession and I always see games miss amazing opportunities.
So straight out of the gate, if you are in a fantasy world let the potion craft show the imagination of it. I want to see more than defence and offence salves, way more than a simple speed boost. I want to see transformation potions. 

See this, Imagine hiring a rogue/assassin to find a member of another guild, sneak up and get some hair or blood what ever. brings that back to the alchemist that hired him.
We use that hair/blood to make a mimic potion. now you can enter the town and guildhall as someone they know.
Just an idea but if refined this could be a espionage game changer.

On a different topic, I see our freehold will offer us a lot for these mechanics but will we be beholden to the freehold or can we venture out for more resource options.

I won't go on anymore, I want to hear other peoples ideas.


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    Well not much is known yet but i think in 1 life streams they said it wont be a select item then afk craft and if you discover a recipe first you will own that recipe serverwide for a set time and you can sell people rights to craft it for a % of the profits.
    afther that time is up its released to the public for every 1 to craft for free.
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    It was mentioned that crafting professions will have a select number of skill points creating the scenario of moderately skilled at many professions, high skilled at few and master of one, all depending on the route you take.

    No one person can do everything if I remember correctly. Leading to a social and interactive requirement for gathering and crafting.

    They also said there will be some high end recipes that will be exclusive to the finder/original holder for x period of time

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    AkaBear said:
    It was mentioned that crafting professions will have a select number of skill points creating the scenario of moderately skilled at many professions, high skilled at few and master of one, all depending on the route you take.

    No one person can do everything if I remember correctly. Leading to a social and interactive requirement for gathering and crafting.

    They also said there will be some high end recipes that will be exclusive to the finder/original holder for x period of time

    awesome, so we are all sort of on the same page.

    The exclusivity sounds awesome, very EvE. Can't wait for the twist. 
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    Alchemy has always been a favorite of mine, and so many games miss out on the potential of what a true Alchemist can do. Here are some examples I would like to see in game:

    Alchemist Fire: Flames that won't be extinguished by water. These could be excellent for sieges, forcing defenders/attackers to deal with siege equipment. If Alchemist Fire is sent into a city, just imagine the damage such a creation could do.

    Night v.s. Daytime mixing: Certain potions or elixirs requiring a time of day to be created and those potions having special properties for those times of days. An example is from a series of books I read a while back: Nightbane. This potion could consume everything in it's path, turning whatever it touches into it. It's destroyed by sunlight, so once the sun rises anything that potion has consumed is gone as well. Now, obviously this would be stupidly broken in a game, but the risks of something like this happening gets my blood pumping. 

    Undeath: I have always been a fan of zombies, and how awesome would it be if an Alchemist discovered the secrets to create undead hordes without the use of Necromancers. Just think, this elixir is dropped into the food of a tavern and anyone who eats that food will transform into a zombie, starting a mini apocalypse until all the zombies are dispatched or the timer runs out. This alone would be great fun!

    Finally the fan favorite Transmutation: Similar to the Alchemist Stone in our own mytho-lore concerning Nicholas Flamel, someone could learn the secrets of creating one and thus get a huge boon of profit by turning that iron into gold over night! Such a recipe would be extremely rare and even harder to get it right. This would be the climax of an Alchemist's skill in creating such a stone. ((And yes, this item would have a timer so the player couldn't just run around and make gold all day!))

    These are just some of my examples on the craft, and the only profession I'll touch on. Enchanting, tailor, blacksmithing, should all have something that is just too good to pass up and should fill that player with ecstasy once they learn how to make such legendary items. 
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    I just hope the crafting system works in a way that allows for people that put more time into it to be better at it than those who don't. Like everyone could make a basic axe but the person who put a lot of time, points, XP, what have you, would make a superior basic axe.

    I also hope that everything has a lot of layers or is creative in some way in terms of literally crafting it. I am also hoping that player made stuff has the potential to be the best gear and equipment. Like have Boss Drops have some cool attributes and abilities that players couldn't make but that aside.

    Smithing: I know that in one of the streams Steven said they were thinking about putting in a system where you could customize shields and weapons and the like to an extent. What I think would be interesting would be if the different parts you would choose to be on the weapon along with your skill in terms of crafting whatever it was gave the overall weapon its attributes. Basically making it so that you could get the gist of what a weapon could do just by looking at it.

    Alchemy: I'd like to see a system that allowed for something more than just mix the two things and see what happens and also more effects beyond just restoring health and mana or damage poison. For example on the second part of that Skyrim had a Slow potion that literally made people move in slow motion. Also make potions that remove corruption so Alchemists can be friends with PKers and make all the monies 

    Enchanting: I want boots that let me fly. Because I mean. Come on.

    Scribe: I believe that this was mentioned somewhere but I think it would be interesting for there to be no maps unless a scribe made them. Though I'm not sure what else a Scribe profession would be good for unless we go Log Horizon status on this.

    Cooking: I would really like it if really good food really helped. Because otherwise it'll just be a thing that gets ignored.

    What I really want to know besides the obvious Classes, Races, and Crafting is how the Profession system works because that is obviously tied in with some of the crafting. Like how would putting points into Mining actually affect you mining?
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    Oh gee i wonder where this thread idea came from Xp

    Doesn't matter - just joking xD

    Lols most discussions I've post were mainly About Crafting & Environment-Interactions. I definitely agree
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    would love to hear about crafting too
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    In term of mining, It does sound like they were imply that resources aren't equally distributed. So what's common in one node might not necessarily be common in another, encouraging entrepreneurs to send trade caravans. 
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    hey all. had some personal issues so sorry i've not replied and now want to revive this discussion.

    @Kasarakk My man, that sounds awesome. I love the angle you are coming at it from and i'd love to see this or any game implement your ideas. I love the twist that could be played with your "undeath" potion. that could be a plague the size of the WoW bug (please look into that, it's incredible and was a event that affected real life scientific study of infection data)

    The transmute idea, is a great basis for the idea of the philosopher's stone.  
    However what i'm very interested in the time period related formuli. It has been mentioned in a blog/live stream that some things will be timed for the likes of blueprints. It would be interesting to see this as i believe this could be one of those game mechanics where the chance of auctioning an item would make it more valuable that that of the possible solo end result.
    It would be craft guild auction hell. Lol>Great input.

    BlackSmithing: I used to be a huge advocate for the WoW system but as it gets into the skill-750 it becomes useless and even money making schemes need to be backed by very rare or expensive blueprints. 
    The idea that the item could change as you craft and only having a slight idea of the outcome really pumps me up. I like that if your god intervenes as it was said could happen in a livestream you could have a purple item where it would have been a failure to craft.

    Also items being better crafted by players than those got from item drops in lets say in dungeon/raids is a core mechanic i would be proud to play with in a game.

    Cooking: I really want cooking to be a thing. even brewing ale. if they implement a system like in Star Wars online back in the day, where you get buffed massively and for hours (until death) by going and spending time in bars/pubs/strip joints, then i'd be the happiest man.

    @Eragale Soz, I made my account after you made your other threads, I would have made them my main venting place had I seen them Lol.

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