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Anyone into Machinima?

After seeing the richness of design in the AoC videos so far, I'm very excited about the potential for creating Machinima or even just more immersive RP settings. Is there any plan to include ingame support for this kind of thing, such as cinematic cameras and animation packs into the game? Or will there just be a fixed camera with the usual /sit /wave... style emotes?


  • Yep. I am.

    Emote packs. Those are even rewards in the KS packages.
    Dunno about the cameras. Based on what the devs are able to capture - should be fine, I think.
  • This was my plan to do with EQNext, but of course we all know that chance never came.  It's been a few years since then and I don't know if I have quite the same motivation into making the videos now.... but I haven't ruled out the possibility of doing it here in AoC. 
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