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Is anyone planning on replying to my previous posting here?

It was A question with some history.  I see other people here getting responses who have posted after myself. Not trying to be a pain in the rear. Just wanting to know if I may be of use to you all. 


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    Well I had to explore and dig to find your post.  It is interesting and sad to say the least. I am sorry.   We all have our stories as to why we would like to test or why we feel we are well qualified to test Ashes of Creation.  Many people do not have the cash to invest in AoC to insure a place in Beta.  And yes it is an investment in the greater scheme of things and some could only pledge small amounts to just be part of that investment in the development and future of the game. 

    Sadly we, the fan base and followers of AOC do not have control over this. The Developers do as it should be and they have the final answer to your question.

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    Unfortunately it is very rare for the devs to answer direct questions, and as theres so many posts currently it probably got lost in the clutter. ;(
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