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Build our Castle on Solid Rock-not sand : )

You may alleviate many headaches by implicating the new Gaming Engine "Lumberyard" from Amazon.
I am active in another Kickstart type game named Star Citizen and recently they changed over to this Engine and alot of issues where solved overnight. Better graphics-smoother-and a ton of other things. Consider the fact they left the CryEngine I would strongly suggest this be "looked into."


  • You're speaking as if Unreal Engine 4 has already failed and we are having problems with the engine.
    Let's try it out first :P
  • [quote quote=3247]You’re speaking as if Unreal Engine 4 has already failed and we are having problems with the engine.
    Let’s try it out first <img alt="?" src="" />


    <img src="" alt="Preach!" />

    ~ Zention
  • Lets wait and see first :).
  • Because lumberyard is based of the cryengine not the UE4 its too late to change now. It would just be alot of extra work. But I also heard that the UE4 engine is usually a bad choice when it comes to multiplayer games. so ye maybe I think I ask steven :D?
  • I think this should be a good question to bring up in the next Q&A since it effects the game quite alot.
  • DC Universe Online did a good work with Unreal Engine
  • They really didn't, it was a mess in the beginning. You could jump through floors or walls to get to bosses. Game would crash quickly with excessive amounts of characters on screen. It's all aboit how they adapt the engine here.
  • Option 1 - Unity
    Not exactly famed for using the latest graphics potential, but has a massive user base, library and popular.
    User friendly with lots of support enable staff to get upto speed fast.

    Option 2 - Cryengine
    Never been classed as user friendly. Very powerful graphics engine, but lots of work to get there.
    Will take a lot of effort sifting documentation and getting staff trained and upto speed

    Option 3 - Unreal Engine.
    Massive market and userbase. Very user friendly with up to date graphics capabilities.
    All highly simplified and streamlined to get staff upto speed with impressive results, rapidly.
    Also full modular c++ support for extensions.
    An MMO needs intimate integration with a back end database and netcode.

    If it was upto me, I would use UE4 too.
    Production time, libraries, support and ease of use, is just as critical as the graphics potential.
    Same reason they are looking at a network database engine too.

    All they need is a high security gateway cluster engine to go with that.
    DDoS, encryption, validity, game access.
  • I agree with Rune_relic,

    I have been using the UE4 engine since it's release and the flexibility is very good not to mention full source code available for customization and the lowest flat rate percentage in profit fees when you start making money.
  • However I agree with the OP in terms of rock solid foundations, I strongly oppose to believe any techncal advice made from Chris Roberts.

    Just due to the fact of how long SC is under development? How many millions of dollars spent without a playable game?
  • Cryengine is not the same as Unreal 4. CryTek has been mismanaged throughout the years and has not put the same kind of effort into upgrading their dev tools as has Unity, or UT. Unity wins currently with tons of youtube how to's, their own courseware, and free web-tutorials. However, in regards to documentation, the Unreal Engine is catching up very quickly.
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