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Can you delete duplicate posts?

For some reason it created 36 duplicate posts of "Edema Ruh [NA PvX]" in guild recruitment. Can you delete those please?


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    I think sending a message to Yav will work better, that being said I did it 3 days ago about the duplicates in the fan-site section. Lets just hope there are more important matters currently :)
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    edited June 2017
    They're probably aware of it.  All of these duplicate posts have been ones queued up over the last 2 days or so.  The fact that they all got mass approved today makes me think a Moderator has at least cleared out that queue. 

    There is something about posting certain external links in a post that was automatically flagging the entires for moderation to begin with, and I know I made quite a few posts like that myself before I realized what was going on.   With so many new users still filing into the forum, I'm not surprised to see the flood of messages clogging up the moderator queue. 

    I've tried to do my own part by finding my own double (triple, quadruple, whatever) comment posts and clearing them myself.   Hopefully a lot of others are doing that too, because it's quite a mess for the moderators to figure out on their own.  
    (Besides, if you have 4 posts on a topic, wouldn't you want to pick the best one to keep yourself?) 

    That being said, the multiple main topic posts out there will probably be a lot easier for them to deal with, but I'd assume that they would start that on Monday. 
    (I mean, who wants to work on a Sunday, am I right?) ;)
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    I suspect @Shunex will be able to assist also if you ask him kindly :)
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    Yep we are currenlty working our way through the duplicates on the forums, there is alot lol all the posts that didn't appear on the last forums software are here as well. :cry:

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