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Cash shop - What's it going to be like?

Just wondering if there's going to be cash shop for cosmetic items such as skin, dye & costume. I don't know if the developers have mentioned about this in one of their stream or not. I probably missed it.

It's pretty early to say but I'm quite curious. Especially when none of the KS packs offer any type of in game currency like other MMO normally do. Make me wonder if there's going to be a cash shop at all. 

I'm actually thinking twice about upgrading my pack now, and rather save that money for cash shop items. (Assuming if there's even an option to upgrade or a cash shop at all)


  • I'll take one of each.
  • @SpaceBunny11 Hey buddy, Steven has confirmed that there will indeed be a cash shop. However it will be cosmetic items only, you'll find items like, costumes, mount skins, weapon skins, furniture for your home and the like. This goes along with the game and community's non Pay-to-Win vision <3 

    Hope i helped you out
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    @Zenpai Thank you senpai.  <3

    @Karthos I ain't seeing any Doublemint gum. FAKE!!!
  • In short its a shop where you spend cash to buy things. Hope that helped ^^
  • It'll be fashionashes cashshop. Costumes/mountskins/change appearance tokens/racial skins/weapon skins/furniture that kind of stuff xD
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    Most important thing to say is that cash shop will not contain any pay to win items.

    That being said, CS will contain a wide choice of cosmetics, costumes, mount skins, housing skins and cosmetic furniture, dyes to color your armor and costumes, character make up, chat emoji and stuff like that.

    CS will not contain Kick Starter exclusive items, but all other cosmetics besides those will await you there to browse through and to purchase if you find something to your liking.

    Ah yes, a limited amount of monster tokens will also be sold. Monster tokens allow you to take control of a boss in a boss event, and attack a node. You only get cosmetics as reward for participating in such events, so this is also not pay to win.

    TLDR: Cosmetics only and monster tokens, no P2W.  B)
  • Aesthetic Items is what I've heard.  Cosmetics FTW :smile:

  • I strongly suspect it will be cosmetics only, especially while there'll be a sub. Long term....who knows. Steven seems quite objectionable to cash shops in general so hopefully It'll never be p2w.
  • Lots of Sharif themed emotes. 
  • @Zenpai Thank you senpai.  <3

    @Karthos I ain't seeing any Doublemint gum. FAKE!!!
    Sold out. You want Single mint? Buy 2, for price of 1, good deal. You buy?
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