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Calling all Artist! the old and the new.

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Hail Travelers!

My name is Paizu (Pie - Zoo), you can call me Pai though. I'm looking for some art of my future character within Ashes of Creation. I have this... "issue" that prevents me from using the same profile picture more than 1 day out of a week. Thus I am looking for some art. Hoping for freebies but depending on the quality of your art I'd be willing to pay for the work~ Please reply here or message me privately with details. 

This is Pai, The Empyrean (Even though he doesn't have the elf ears in these games)


Pai is a short, skinny and shy cleric/bard. He normally wears all white clothing (Anything you wish to draw him in is fine, however he doesnt like to be in full plate armor). He's also has pretty feminine mannerisms, often having a flower or two tucked behind his ear or a dandelion chain around his wrists. If you have any further questions just mention/message me and I'll be happy to answer~ <3 thanks for taking interest! (The upper picture is a better example of how I imagine Pai)


  • No one? T - T depressing

  • Awwww xD I could draw a stick man for you xD that's may artistic talent ????
  • I'm a terrible artist, or I would jump on this for ya

    No....seriously bad.  Even expecting a nifty looking stick figure from me might leave you disappointed, hehe
  • haha, that's funny. You guys can totally do whatever you want. Stick figures are an awesome place to start if you want to get into art <3 
  • Nooo!!!
  • I'm not a moderator or something but, I think Game Discussions are not right category to open a thread like this. 

    Since it's a Fanart request, not related to the game itself, you should've opened it in Fanart section under Community Creations
  • that's where it is for me though . - .  
  • Hey Zenpai! There are tons of artists that are doing commission in tumblr.. they all have talent I'm certain you would be able to find one there!
  • I would help you if I could, but the only artist I'll ever likely be is the one in the urinal.  

  • @Babe Yeah I know the Tumblr art scene. But I wanted the ashes community since that's where these pictures would be. I could help spread a community members talent hue hue
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