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Kickstarter Project Update #16

 Posting this to link for discord questions for folks asking about June backing.


The Journey Ahead...
Posted by Steven Sharif (Collaborator)

WAY TO GO EVERYONE! We smashed records and unlocked all stretch goals!!!

Along with many of you, I watched as the project on Kickstarter counted down in seconds to end a history making month. Because of your support and dedication to Ashes, we have achieved the highest funding on Kickstarter that an MMO has ever achieved, and landed 7th of all video games. That is AMAZING!

Because of the high amount of our members requesting alternate payment methods that Kickstarter did not offer, I have decided that during the month of June I will extend our crowdsourcing through our website for those of you who were unable to purchase packages through Kickstarter.  I felt it was unfair to deny our communities in Europe and abroad, the ability to participate in this amazing kickstarter, simply because Kickstarter does not support Paypal.

All backers from Kickstarter will benefit from this additional month of funding with some pretty awesome backer goals and rewards, which we will be releasing today. We will have the ability for Kickstarter pledges to be upgraded as well, if you wish.  Once June is complete, the Kickstarter packages and unique rewards will not be available again.

All backers of Kickstarter will achieve the additional backer goals that are reached in the June funding on our website. 

A few important notes;

-Backer Goal Rewards achieved in Kickstarter, will only be given to Kickstarter specific backers.

-Backer Goal Rewards achieved on our website during June will be given to both Kickstarter backers as well as June website backers.

-No Early bird pricing will be available on the website during June.

-There are no stretch goals (avoiding scope creep)

This June funding was decided on because it only helps to further include our members who could not participate in Kickstarter, and a Massive Community is what we want.  I know many of you can appreciate that fact.  More funding also helps.   

Below are the June Backer Rewards that all Kickstarter Backers will enjoy if achieved by our June Crowdsourcing extension. (Graphics for these will come shortly after, including further description)

1000 June Backers -Founder's Dance- Dance with your fellow backers to celebrate!

2500 June Backers -Freehold Furniture Set

4000 June Backers -Portable Party - Permanent Firework / Celebration item

5500 June Backers -UI Theme 

7000 June Backers -Backer Unique Parlor Game

8500 June Backers -Backer only ship skin "The Intrepid" 

10,000 June Backers -Freehold Personal statue

12,000 June Backers -Wand of Many Things

Below are some videos that we released this week!!! Including a Studio Tour!!






I cannot adequately express my personal gratitude that your support means. The past 17 months have been a lot of hard work for everyone on my team. And to see the validation of our effort emboldens us to get Ashes done right. Ashes is my baby, and I pledge to you, that this project will make each of you proud.

This community has our undying love and respect.

<3 - Steven


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